Co-Director | Design | Animation

The adventures of a llama lady that is a super mom by day and a thrill seeking criminal at night.
This thrilling animated short is edited at breakneck speed and introduces kickass characters in a fake intro for a fictional TV-series. The film was made for the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Animation Group and is currently in the festival run. 

Co-Directors: Marwan Abdalla Eissa, Justine Klaiber / Producer: Beni Morard / Animation: Justine Klaiber, Nina Christen, Frederic Siegel, Beni Morard / Compositing: Marwan Abdalla Eissa / Sound Design: Frederic Siegel / Music: Jakob Eisenbach / Jazz Ensemble: Marco Roos, Raphael Kalt, François Lana, Philipp Saner, Marcio de Sousa, Benedict Schönenberger, Lukas Brügger, Niculin Janett / Mix: Thomas Gassmann 
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